NEW SEPPI M. Brand Colours for Spring 2021


The powerful red will be reduced to a few important elements, while the main body of the products will have a new color, a dark charcoal black. The new coating, in a mat dark hue, creates a strong contrast to the remaining red elements and highlights their functionality.  As a strong identifier, the transmission covers will remain red with the typical laser-cut Seppi logo in yellow.

Furthermore, the products will be distinguished with clear model name decals and a series of graphical decals with technical advantages. These “features logos” are meant to give information about the hidden but important features customers love about their SEPPI M. machine.


In 2014 SEPPI M. celebrated their 75th Anniversary, they marked the special occasion with a demonstration/celebration event held at its factory in Caldaro in Northern Italy. More than 150 dealers and distributors from all around the world attended. The two day event saw more than 30 machines being put through there paces, including several new machines set for release in 2015.