CIMA Low Volume Sprayers - Advantages & Benefits

CIMA Venturi Sprayers - A Different Approach with Much Better Coverage


SAVE - Time, Money, Fuel & Service Costs


  • Venturi diffusers have a low pressure liquid dispenser in the centre. Air flow speeds of up to 380mph literally shears the droplet into very small micron sized droplets.
  • The average droplet size of a normal high volume sprayer, 85% of the droplets are between 300 and 500 microns. CIMA Venturi Air produces a droplet size of 100 to 150 micron. That is not one third of the size, there are 25 x 100 micron droplets in a 300 micron droplet.
  • This reduction in droplet size has a massive effect on the coverage, without the need for a high pressure pump. CIMA only need between 15 and 40 psi to pump the liquid into the air stream.
  • Run off is almost completely eliminated, but coverage is massively increased. Environmentally much better.
  • Much less water is used leading to big cost and time savings.
  • Easily reaches 7m (23ft) high canopy. Venturi heads available in many configurations for different crops.
  • Less costly to maintain as there is no high pressure pump. No nozzles to wear in a low liquid pressure delivery. All CIMA parts are made of non-corrosive material and are made by CIMA.
  • Simple 'Dial-A Rate' controls allow high liquid volume to be set, but of course droplet size will increase and it will be less effective - more like an air blast sprayer.
  • Very well designed sprayer - tank in middle, wheels in the middle, fan etc on the front, air cannons on the rear.
  • Tank capacity up to 2000 litres. Power band belt with auto adjust tensioner to main drive and pump.


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