Boom Mounted Mulchers for tractors up to 150 HP*


100-150 HP*


This boom mounted mulcher is ideal for hard to reach areas such as ditches, slopes and along roadsides. Can mulch vegetation up to 5cm[2"] in diameter (up to 10cm [4"] with mulching head) and can reach up to 6m.               Minimum tractor weight: 4,000kg.

SBM Tele 

100-150 HP*


This boom mounted mulcher is ideal for ditches, slopes and along roadsides. For improved visibilty the head can be hydraulically advanced (1.05m). Mulches vegetation up to 5cm [2"] in diameter and can reach up to 7.5m.             Minimum tractor weight: 5,000kg.


* the indicated HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power