Stump & Root Grinders for tractors and excavators up to 300 HP*.


80-180 HP*


The KASTOR can eliminate stumps, no matter what size. This circular saw type mulcher grinds little by little moving it from side to side to clear the stump.


70-130 HP*


The FC grinds tree stumps up to a depth of 27cm [11"]. Suitable for renewing plantations by preparing the soil for new trees to be planted.


120-260 HP*


The STAR FC is a multifunctional machine suitable for grinding stumps, roots and stones both at depth and on the surface. Can grind and till up to a depth of 30cm [12"].


40-120 HP*     5 - 13 TON     60-180 lt/min     150-350 bar


This stump grinder is for small and medium excavators, from 5 up to 13 tons. Will grind any diameter stump with ease to a depth of 30cm [12"].


80-200 HP*     10 - 25 TON     100-290 lt/min     150-350 bar


The excavator mounted stump grinder for hard to reach areas. Will grind stumps of any size up to a depth of 50cm.


70-200 HP*     15 - 35 TON     120-320 lt/min     200-350 bar


The STAR FC HYD is a multi-purpose excavated mounted stump grinder and soil tiller which can grind stumps, roots and stones to a depth of 30cm.

* the indicated HP refer to the power required at the PTO output shaft, not to the nominal tractor power