About Us

ArborAgri Ltd start up to promote top of the range machinery at realistic prices.


After many years selling all types of flail mowers all over the world, Andrew Holbrow has teamed up with Colin Powell to form ArborAgri Ltd. The team has a vast level of experience and plan to promote, among other, the extensive range of Seppi M. Mulchers, Moreni Power Harrows and CIMA Venturi Low Volume Sprayers.

The 'A' Team


Andrew Holbrow



Phone: 01584 890913

Mobile: 07974 566060


Email: andrew@arboragri.co.uk

Skype: andrewholbrow


Colin Powell



Phone: 01568 750209

Mobile: 07817 200234


Email: colin@arboragri.co.uk

Skype: colinpowell99